I sick of being sad.

NYC #tbt

NYC #tbt

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All of life is a coming home.

Patch Adams (1998)

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I am going to see if this is any good.

I am going to see if this is any good.



Artist Isaac Cordal (tumblr / facebook) - “With the simple act of miniaturization and thoughtful placement, Isaac Cordal magically expands the imagination of pedestrians finding his sculptures on the street. Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. The art work intends to catch the attention on our devalued relation with the nature through a critical look to the collateral effects of our evolution. With the master touch of a stage director, the figures are placed in locations that quickly open doors to other worlds. The scenes zoom in the routine tasks of the contemporary human being”.

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I need to sleep!


In Australia these days, China seems to shadow the antipodean nation’s future. China’s appetite for natural resources has reshaped Australia’s economy, and the disruptive threat of its expanding navy has led Australian officials to approve the deployment of U.S. marines on Australian soil.


Goodbye hair!

Goodbye hair!


Guardians Week at Vinnie’s…

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Lesson I learned

Paradoxically, relationships that in which the couple does everything together are at great risk of failing. It is human nature to end up feeling imprisoned by the sense of being permanently glued together and always having to rely on one another for a source of fulfillment in everyday life. To be whole, it is important for all of us to feel autonomous as well as attached. To avoid this “benign” trap of habit that leads to over-reliance on one person, it is important to recognize the over-attachment and to talk honestly and supportively with one another about practical and positive solutions that will allow both of you the room to grow individually within a partnership.



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Rest In Peace Robin Williams - Some Happy Robin Williams Facts To Celebrate His Life!

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L.E.S. by Childish Gambino [x]


L.E.S. by Childish Gambino [x]

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